How To Connect iPhone To TV

How To Connect iPhone to TV

vid Are you trying to connect your iPhone to your TV? We can help! Our professional A/V team is responsible for connecting thousands of phones to TVs each year. We’ve used our expertise to put together this list of simple steps to help you connect your iPhone to your television. How To Connect Your iPhone To […]

Connect Condenser Mic To Computer

How To Connect A Condenser Mic To Your Computer (Mac or PC)

Are you looking to connect a condenser microphone to your computer (Mac or PC)? There are many great reasons that you may want to do this: Studio Recording (Garageband, Protools, Ableton, Logic, etc.)Video Conferencing (Zoom, Google Chat, FaceTime, Skype, etc.)Live Streaming (YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, etc.) Generally speaking there are two ways to achieve your goal: […]

Fix Quiet MG10XU Output

How To Fix Quiet USB Output on Yamaha MG10XU

Many Yamaha MG10XU users notice that the console has a quiet USB output when they first connect the USB into their recording device (computer, iPad, etc). The USB output operates independently of the stereo output (bottom right). If you’re using the mixer for live streaming and notice a quiet output, it’s because your channel gain […]

Phantom Power For Dynamic Microphones

Does Phantom Power Improve Dynamic Microphones?

Quick Answer: No, Phantom power does not make any difference to the quality of a dynamic microphone. On the contrary, it can actually damage some dynamic microphones if they are unbalanced. …Kettner Creative is a full service audio visual (A/V) company located in Vancouver, BC. We rent Audio, Video, Lighting, Drape and LED Furniture for events. If you’re interested in our services […]

How To Use A One Knob Compressor

How To Use A One Knob Compressor

One knob compressors are increasingly common on small analog audio mixing consoles. We’ve put this guide together to help you learn what that single knob is doing when you turn it up and down. How Does A Compressor Work? The goal of using a compressor is to reduce the dynamic range of an an audio […]

XLR to USB Cable

Do XLR To USB Cables Work?

Quick Answer: It depends on the specific XLR to USB cable that you use. Most of them will work fine with dynamic microphones. However, since they don’t supply phantom power, you will not be able to use a condenser microphone. If you’re wanting to Connect an XLR Mic to your computer we recommend getting at least a two […]

Fix Upside Down Projection

How To Fix Upside Down Projection on Any Projector

Are you currently trying to setup a projector and the image is upside down? The projected image is likely upside down because the projector thinks it’s currently hung from the ceiling and you’re wanting it on a table (or the opposite). There are two ways to correct the upside down projector: Change the location of […]


How To Setup In Ear Monitors (IEMs)

In ear monitors are a practical solutions to improving the control that musicians and performers have over their monitors. Benefits of In Ear Monitors There are three main benefits of having an in ear monitoring system when you are on the stage: Reduced Stage VolumePortabilityClick Track By reducing the stage volume, you give your front […]

Connect iPad to Projector

How To Connect An iPad To A Projector

At Kettner Creative, our professional audio visual technicians connect iPads to Projectors on a daily basis. We’ve put together our best information to help you connect your iPad to your projector as easily as possible. Required Equipment Before you get started, you will need the following equipment:(amazon affiliate links) iPad or iPad ProHDMI AdapteriPad: Lightning […]

How To Setup A Wireless Microphone

How To Setup A Wireless Microphone

Once you’ve picked what wireless microphone is right for you, you’re probably wondering how to setup your wireless microphone system. The Shure ULX is a great example of a Wireless Microphone Kit. Before you get started, you will need the following equipment: Wireless Microphone ReceiverWireless Microphone / Transmitter2 x Antenna1 x XLR Cable1 x Power […]

What Microphone Does the President Use?

What Microphone Does The President Use?

Have you ever wondered what microphone the President of the United States uses to deliver his message? Quick Answer: Since 1965, every President of the United States has used a Shure SM57 as the official lectern microphone. Shure SM57 VIP Microphone The President of the United States doesn’t use a typical Shure SM57 microphone, instead […]

What Microphone Does Joe Rogan Use

What Microphone Does Joe Rogan Use?

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. The JRE hosts famous comedians, presidential nominees, and top-tier scientists. So what microphone does Joe Rogan use to interview these guests?  Quick Answer: The Joe Rogan Experience uses Shure SM7B microphones for all of their podcast episodes. The Shure SM7B is […]

Martin M2GO Lighting Controller

What Is A Lighting Console?

Are you planning an event and you see a lighting console on your quote and you’re trying to figure out if it’s necessary?Maybe you’re a lighting tech or musician trying to figure out where to get started with lighting for your band, theatre, or house of worship! A lighting console is the piece of equipment […]


What Is The Best Microphone For A Podcast?

When it comes to recording a podcast, it’s important to have great sounding audio that is comfortable to listen to for a prolonged period of time. We’ve broken down our recommendation for best podcast microphone into two categories: USB Microphone – Audio Technica AT2020XLR Microphone – Shure SM7B Audio Technica AT2020 The main reason to […]


How To Use a GoPro As a Webcam

As demand for video conferencing increases, so does the demand for higher quality cameras and creative solutions to use camera equipment that you already own. You may be thinking “I don’t need to buy a webcam, I already have a GoPro”. And you’re right! If you have a PC or Mac, this solution will work […]

Video Mixing Equipment Rental

4 Types Of Virtual Events

Are you planning a Virtual Event for the first time? Virtual event planning is simply not the same as planning a Live Event. As you start to plan your first virtual event, it’s important to consider the type of experience that you want your guests to have. We recommend starting with the following questions: Do […]

Vancouver Audio Visual

Does a Microphone Work Without Speakers?

This is a question that we get quite often from event planners and meeting organizers who are new to events and are trying to understand everything on their sound system quote. Simply put: No, a microphone does not work without speakers Having a microphone without speakers would be like having a car without wheels. A […]

How to setup a tripod screen

How To Setup A Tripod Projector Screen

We often rent out projectors and screens to clients and events who don’t have any experience setting them up. To help everyone’s event setup, we put this article and video together as a beginner’s guide to setting up our tripod projection screen. How To Setup A Tripod Screen Follow these steps to set-up your tripod […]

how-to-connect-laptop-to-projector - 11

How To Connect A Laptop To A Projector

Are you trying to connect your laptop to your projector? We can help! Our professional A/V team is responsible for connecting thousands of laptops to projectors every year. We’ve used our expertise to put together this list of super simple steps to help you connect your laptop to your projector. Required Equipment: If you don’t […]

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