Sound System Setup Mixer

How To Setup A Sound System (PA System)

We often rent out sound systems to clients and events who don’t have any experience setting up sound systems. We put this article and video together as a beginner’s guide to setting up our sound equipment if they’re new to sound systems and renting PA systems. Before we get into the steps, we’re going to […]

Learn How To Gaff Tape Cable

How To Gaff Tape Cable

Gaff tape the industry standard tape for securing objects on set, onstage, or at events since it was first invented. In this article we just want to give you some tips and best practices for how to safely use gaff tape to safely secure cable at your events. What is Gaffer (Gaff) Tape? Gaff tape […]

Vancouver Balloon Light

Inflatable Signage Ideas For Events

Event signage is often more practical than creative but it doesn’t have to be. If you have a creative approach to the signage of your event it can leave a lasting impression on your guests while still providing the information that they are looking for. The key is to provide clear, concise signage directing your […]

Wireless Microphone Rental

4 Types Of Wireless Mics For Your Event

Wireless microphones are ideal for keeping stages clean, and offering maximum mobility for musicians, presenters, and trainers. We’ve put this guide together to showcase the four most popular types of wireless microphones in our inventory and to provide examples of when you would want to choose one microphone instead of another. At Kettner Creative, all of […]

Wireless Lighting Rental

Kettner Creative Expands Lighting Inventory With Wireless Lighting

Kettner Creative has purchased a large quantity of Freedom Par Quad 4 fixtures which are perfect for events with unique lighting requirements or events with limited setup time. May 17, 2017, VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Kettner Creative Inc. is happy to announce a new rental lineup of Chauvet Freedom Par Quad 4 wireless lighting fixtures which can provide quality […]

Event Lighting

How Drape and Uplighting Can Transform a Room

Many of our clients have chosen to use pipe & drape and up-lights to help transform a room for their special event. Commonly it’s used at weddings, corporate events and private parties. The before and after pictures on the right show just how impactful the effect can be! Hide Unsightly Walls Pipe & drape is an inexpensive way […]

Vancouver LED Furniture Rental

DJ Lighting Techniques: What You Need To Know

If you’re a mobile DJ, it’s your job to control the mood at any given event. A big part of the mood is controlled by lighting. We’ve put this post together with some important things to consider when planning the lighting for your upcoming event. Lighting and Fixture Placement If you have a limited lighting […]

Kettner Creative Christmas

Happy Holidays from Kettner Creative!

Thank you for another great year. Our team is extremely thankful to have been trusted with the best, most creative events in 2016 and we look forward to hearing about your ideas for the upcoming year. We wish you all the best heading into 2017! Sincerely, The Kettner Creative Team

Wireless Microphone

How do wireless microphones work?

It’s almost impossible to get through an entire day without seeing one and yet, we hardly give them much thought. Whether it’s at the pop star’s concert, on a daytime talk show, in the Zumba class at your gym, or at your child’s school talent show, you’ve certainly seen someone using a wireless microphone. If […]

Intelligent Lighting Vancouver

What is Intelligent Lighting?  

It’s a key component of any concert or club experience today. The elaborate light show that uses moving lights and rapidly changing colours to create a memorable and sometimes mind-blowing effect for the audience. It’s almost impossible to imagine a high quality show or concert that doesn’t use this technically dazzling lighting effect. This effect […]

Audio Mixer and Sound Board

What Does an Audio Mixer Do?

It has as many names as it does purposes. Whether it is known as a mixing board, mixing desk, mixing console, or sound board, an audio mixer is a key component to managing either recorded or live event sound. It is extremely likely you have been to dozens of events where an audio mixer was […]

Social Media for Events

5 Ways to Use Social Media at Your Event

It’s not an earth-shattering proclamation to suggest that using social media is key to successful event promotion. In today’s day and age, there is no better way to get the word out and create buzz for your event. But few people realize that using social media successfully for your event goes well beyond the promotion […]

Video Mixing Equipment Rental

What Does A Video Switcher Do?

As your event date approaches, you are probably getting into the nitty-gritty of planning the details of your event. As you rehearse your presentations and think of the transitions it is common to think about how the screens will look to your audience. The most dreaded possibility is that the audience will see your desktop […]


Getting Your Windows 10 Computer Ready for an Event

Whether you were eagerly awaiting Windows 10, or your computer was forced to update, it’s important to get your computer ready for your next presentation. We’ve seen several of our clients experience an automatic update mid presentation, which has caused a massive disruption to their event. In one case, the client’s laptop updated and the installed […]

Meeting Tips

Five Tips to Running an Effective Meeting

Let’s face it, meetings can be like death and taxes – nobody likes them but there’s just no avoiding them. Unless you’re a lumberjack, fisherman, or hermit who works out of your home, it’s extremely unlikely you’re not going to find yourself in a meeting several times throughout the work week. But they don’t all have to […]

Vancouver Audio Visual

Benefits of an on-site Technician

Technology is always advancing, but so are we. It’s an A/V technician’s job to stay up-to- date with the latest gear and how to use it effectively. It’s not uncommon for technicians to see between 200-600 events per year. That kind of experience is invaluable to you and your event. Having a technician on-site will help you make any […]

R2 Spot

Kettner Creative Expands Lighting Inventory with Rogue R2 Lighting Fixtures

Kettner Creative has purchased Rogue R2 Spot and Wash Lighting Fixtures to help Vancouver-based events deliver brighter, more visually stunning lighting effects. May 16, 2016, VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Kettner Creative Inc. is happy to announce a new rental lineup of Chauvet Rogue R2 automated lights to provide the best quality lighting effects to events across Vancouver and the […]