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Vancouver’s Choice For Meeting, Conference, and Event A/V Services

At Kettner Creative, we specialize in providing A/V services for meetings, conferences, and weddings for groups with between one hundred and one thousand attendees.

We have found that we offer far more value than anyone else in Vancouver because we specialize in these types of events. We know what our clients need from an audio visual company in Vancouver and we exceed these expectations on a daily basis by delivering a product that is seamless, elegant, on-time, and on budget.

At Kettner Creative, we respect the fact that you need to deliver a high quality event within a reasonable budget. We pride ourselves making sure that every client is satisfied with the work that they receive. If you need proof, visit our audio visual testimonials page to see how we have turned our clients into raving fans.

Audio Visual News & Information – Kettner Creative’s Blog

Audio Mixer and Sound Board

What Does an Audio Mixer Do?

It has as many names as it does purposes. Whether it is known as a mixing board, mixing desk, mixing console, or sound board, an audio mixer is a key component to managing either recorded or live event sound. It is extremely likely you have been to dozens of events where an audio mixer was […]

Social Media for Events

5 Ways to Use Social Media at Your Event

It’s not an earth-shattering proclamation to suggest that using social media is key to successful event promotion. In today’s day and age, there is no better way to get the word out and create buzz for your event. But few people realize that using social media successfully for your event goes well beyond the promotion […]

Video Mixing Equipment Rental

Why Do I Need a Video Mixer?

These days as more and more technical equipment is being served by software programs, there is often confusion about when to use the old-fashioned equipment and when to use your home computer. There was a time when recording music could only be done in an expensive recording studio. Now musicians are getting top quality recording […]


Getting Your Windows 10 Computer Ready for an Event

Whether you were eagerly awaiting Windows 10, or your computer was forced to update, it’s important to get your computer ready for your next presentation. We’ve seen several of our clients experience an automatic update mid presentation, which has caused a massive disruption to their event. In one case, the client’s laptop updated and the installed […]